Mukhi Dairy Farm skillfully uses the Systematic Breeding Program, which introduces optimum reproductive performance to India. Raising cattle for milk production requires careful attention to the breeding process in order to produce the most milk. This involves planning, close observation, a record of mating behavior, and the daily milk production of every cow in the herd. We currently have the technology to predict the ovulation cycle of cows as well as the high-tech software to record daily milk production at our farm.

Vital Elements in Breeding for Milk Production


Selecting the
best cows


Selecting the
best bull


Developing the most
efficient breeding processes

Mukhi Dairy Farm intends to ease the stress on Indian dairy farmers
by providing them with a crossbreed cow that yields high volume milk.

Our goal is to breed an optimum cross between Indian breeds and HF and Jersey breeds.
We are approaching this program with two technologically advanced systems:
artificial insemination and embryo transplants.

Artificial Insemination

Artificial insemination (AI) is one of the most effective methods for cattle producers to improve their productivity and profitability.
AI has been commercially used for more than 65 years and is a very effective tool in the dairy industry.
We are bringing this technique to India in a respectable manner in accordance with our traditions and culture.

Advantages of artificial insemination include:

There is no need to maintain a breeding bull for the herd, which saves money.

It prevents the spread of certain diseases, including genital diseases that cause sterility.

Animals of different sizes can “mate” without injuring either animal.

It can increase the rate of genetic development for gains in production
by using semen from bulls of high genetic merit for producing superior cows.

It enables breeding between animals located in different geographical areas.

Embryo Transplant

Mukhi Dairy Farm is actively working towards starting a program where we can crossbreed foreign Holstein-Friesian with Indian breeds through embryo transfer (ET) to create the most optimum breed of animal. Moving towards our goal, Mukhi Dairy Farm is working with government and private agencies to employ embryo transfer (ET) to spread our breed to Indian farmers so they can gain a high economic yield to better their lives. The main objective of using ET is to attain the maximum number of embryos from a genetically superior animal in the shortest possible time. The greatest challenge to this in the developing world is a lack of adequate technology and the technical skills needed for the process to succeed. However, Mukhi Dairy Farm is changing all that by putting together a cross-disciplinary team to bring embryo transfer technology to a state-of-the-art lab.