Dairy Farming Consultancy Services

The founders of Mukhi Dairy Farm and Longhorn Initiative LLP have combined their lifetime of agricultural, business, engineering, genetics, and construction oriented skills together and created a vision of providing a package of services and equipment to our clients.


What is Longhorn Initiative LLP?

Longhorn Initiative LLP will give you the attention and personal services you need to succeed. Guided by integrity, respect, and excellence, we will use our knowledge, talent, and energy to move your dairy farm into the 21st Century. Our objective is to provide business development services with regard to planning, supply, implementation and management assistance to dairy enterprises.


What problems are we facing?

As the population of India grows, so does the demand for milk. India is already facing milk shortages under the current milk production techniques and processes, which are sadly lacking. This is where Mukhi Dairy Farm and its consulting company, Longhorn Initiative LLP come in. The construction of a dairy farm can be complex, however specifically designed technology can be the crucial factor in dramatically enhancing a dairy farm’s overall efficiency and profitability.


How can we help?

Longhorn Initiative can be retained to completely create a project as small as 50 cows to as large as 1000s, whatever the farmer or investors need. With our expertise, we can provide complete technical and financial plans for setting up a modern dairy farm based on your specific conditions, land size and water resources. We offer project management, will negotiate with suppliers, work with contractors, and prepare a prime herd of high-yield cows to build you a state-of-the-art dairy farm.


Why choose us?

Building a fully functioning dairy farm is a multi-industrial undertaking. We are very familiar with all required personnel relating to the dairy industry and can put together a highly qualified team to serve your needs. After construction, we will run your farm while training your staff. When you choose Longhorn Initiative, you are not only building your future, but you will also build a great relationship with us that you can rely on for a lifetime.

Dairy Farming Consultation and Services

Why we are the preferred choice for nutrition and
management consulting in the dairy industry:

  • We recognize that our success depends on the talent,
    skills, and expertise of our people and our ability
    to function as an integrated team
  • We believe that respect for our colleagues, clients, partners,
    and those with whom we interact, is an essential element of
    positive and productive business relationships.
  • We believe that honesty and integrity engender trust,
    and is the cornerstone of a successful business.
  • We strive to excel in every aspect of the dairy business and
    approach challenges with a determination to succeed.
  • We work with National and International companies with
    expertise that will save you time and money.
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The Dairy Industry is not just one entity; it combines many different fields. These include construction, biological sciences, hydrology,
nutrition, management, environmental sciences, engineering, automation, soil sciences, genetics, veterinary sciences,
and last but not least, agricultural sciences.

Are you looking for a dairy farm consultancy services and dairy farm design consultancy? We have highly skilled professional consultancy expert people, they will guide you completely for your new startup of an animal dairy farm or running the farm.

Let us put our knowledge and experience to work for you! Contact us today.