Simbiyotek Nutrition


At Mukhi Dairy Farm, we believe in giving the best care for our animals, which starts with healthy nutrition. We want our customers to have the same quality nutriments as our own cows. Therefore, with the international alliance, we are proud to bring nutrition to the Indian dairy market. Our nutritional products are living microorganisms and act as regulators in the cow’s rumen.

The digestion in the rumen is done by a microflora. Our living products help to establish a very healthy microflora in the rumen and in the gut, so that the nutrient intake is optimized. None of our products use any ingredients or byproducts from animals and it is made from naturally sourced ingredients.


Our Nutrition Further Delivers Following Benefits to Dairy Animals:

  • Healthy Animals
  • Higher Milk Yield 
  • Less Feet Problems
  • Reduction in Loss of Calves due to Diarrhea
  • Increase in Fertility
  • Shorter Calving to Calving Period
  • Probiotic Enzymes help in Organic Milk Production
  • Supports enzyme activity and activates digestions
  • Optimizes pH levels

Our Nutrition Further Delivers Following Benefits to Dairy Farm Owners:

  • Save Laborious Work
  • Prevent Mistakes
  • More Reliably Predict Long Term Goals
  • Optimize Investments in Facilities and Professional Employees
  • Long Term Business Health and Profitability 

Sim® NutriMa MLKY

Sim® Silaj

Sim® DeToxSTND

Sim® MinPow

Sim® Wall

Milk Vitamins

Sim® NutriMa


To bring Indian farmers a unique feed
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