Take a Dairy Farm Tour

Are you interested in seeing how a state-of-the-art dairy farm operates?
We welcome you to come on a tour of Mukhi Dairy Farm.

About the Organic Dairy Farm Tour

You will receive a guided tour of a working dairy farm and milk processing facility. Your tour will begin at our visitor centre. Here you will be able to learn about dairy farming in India and how we are advancing the industry. Then, the tour consists of being taken around all of the facilities by one of our staff members. We will answer questions and can offer you the opportunity to experience milking if the tour is booked for 4pm. Our tours are perfect for professionals who are interested in investing in a dairy farm for families with children. We can organize tours for schools and organizations. For a large group booking, please contact us directly.

Mukhi Dairy Farm Touring Fees

The cost for a 20-30 minutes tour of the whole farm is a follows:


Visiting outside
of Gujarat State


Visiting outside of
Banaskantha District


Visiting from
Banaskantha District


Visiting from
Kanodar Village

We hope to hear from you and look forward to sharing our passion in running a sustainable and environmentally- and technologically-advanced farm. Feel free to contact us should you have any questions.

To schedule a tour, please submit a form. We will need to know which type of tour you’re interested in, including if you wish to have a consultation meeting with the director when you wish to visit and at what time of day (note that milking experiences are available for 4pm tours), and how many attendees will be in your party.