Who We Are


Marjiya Musa

“Individual success is overrated, lets think bigger and advance our whole community together.”

Marjiya grew up in India on her family’s agriculture and dairy farm. These were her roots and after living in the United States, she is now returning to those roots by changing the way India looks at and operates dairy farms.

After starting her career as a lecturer in Sardarkrushinager Dantiwada Agriculture University, she switched to the apparels industry. When globalization changed the industry, she migrated to the United States, primarily for her children’s education. While in the U.S. she gained business experience in a number of different industries. But, she missed her native country and began to seek ways to help industry in India advance.

What better way to achieve that than return to her roots? Dairy farming was the answer. She was the visionary behind Mukhi Dairy Farm and now runs it as Managing Director. She is very excited to be ushering Indian dairies into the 21st Century. Today her family, both in the U.S. and India, are working towards achieving this dream.


Javid Musa

“People say that success lies with hard work, but in today’s world it’s not only physical work but also automation is leading success.”

Javid Musa is Marjiya’s husband and lives in Houston, Texas with their family. He visits Mukhi Dairy Farm in India frequently, working on major projects with his wife. In addition to earning a graduate degree in Industrial Electronics Engineering from the famous Poona

University, he has over twenty-four years experience in the Automation Industry. He’s done Project Management, System Design and Software Engineering.

He is also very familiar with many other industries, including Water & Wastewater, Oil & Gas, and various Manufacturing Industries worldwide. Before moving to the U.S., Javid spent ten years in Kuwait diversifying his experience. In recent years he has been working in the U.S. with world-renowned manufacturers like Omron and Daikin.

Both Javid and Marjiya spend a tremendous amount of time traveling together across the Unites States and Canada looking for innovative technologies and techniques they can offer the dairy industry in India. Javid has an immense thirst for new knowledge and is a perfectionist in all he does.


Aliasager Musa

“People are my strength, and without them life is as empty as space.”

Aliasager Musa, affectionately known as Munna, is Javid’s brother. He works with Marjiya as a Director at Mukhi Dairy Farm. He brings his extensive network of contacts to the business and manages foreign commerce. Munna is a very popular sociable person, adored by people of all ages.

Prior to joining the team at Mukhi Dairy Farm, he ran a technologically advanced farm called First Plantation. Aliasager also served as a Chairman of the Institute Management Committee of Vadagam. Known by his peers as caring and philanthropic, you can find Munna attending community events in his spare time.


Alif Musa

Alif Musa is Marjiya and Javid’s 23-year-old son, a rising star by all estimates, having earned a hybrid bachelor’s degree, a certificate in energy management and a real estate license in the United States. He graduated from the University of Texas (UT) with a Bachelor’s of Science in Geosystems Engineering and Hydrogeology. This joint program delves into the geological and engineering principles required of subsurface resource development and the environmental issues that arise.

His coursework also involved the development and use of engineering as it relates to managing water resources, oil and gas resources, the environmental restoration of contaminated sites, engineering design, and other subsurface processes. For Hydrogeology, Alif studied multiphase fluid flow, stratigraphy, physical hydrology, geophysics, and field methods.

With an education that combines engineering, geology, and geophysics, Alif is equipped to address complex problems in the dairy industry. With an energy management certificate from the renowned McCombs School of Business at UT and his experience in real estate, he brings a different viewpoint and enthusiasm to the management team at Mukhi Dairy Farm.